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Address the Change Occurring in B2B Buying Behavior in Your Next Sales Kick-Off

by Jessica Montville   |   Posted: 09/26/2018 12:41 PM   |   Topics:


As I am sure you have heard or experienced, the world is changing in terms of the way buyers and sellers are engaging and purchasing. Demo cycles are shrinking at a dramatic pace, and failing to be ready will result in losing business to competitors that deliver buyers what they want. Learn more about how to shorten sales cycles, win more business, and secure more renewals by delivering a desirable and unique experience across all buying stages to all stakeholders. Get your team ready during your next sales kick-off meeting, through a series of breakout sessions, and personalized 1:1 training/coaching to accommodate your business goals.

Are your sales, presales, and customer success teams ready to adapt to today's modern buyer? Here are some questions to consider... 

Plan Your Kick-Off



AdobeStock_103463097Customers are now completing 57% of their research online on their own before ever engaging with a sales rep.* Buyers are more educated, and they want to accelerate the conversation which is requiring sales people to be able to present or demo a software solution on the fly. Is your sales process adapting to these changes? Click here for 2Win! Keynotes 




undefined-166522-edited Are you arming your Presales team with the right skills like storytelling, objection handling, or discovery? With today's buyer expectations, they need to be agile. Do you find that your sales team depends too much on your SE's or Presales team? Make sure your demo teams are prepared to adapt to today's modern buying behavior. Click here for 2Win! Testimonials & Keynotes


Customer Success Manager

Depositphotos_4766787_l-2015Are you taking the risk out of your renewal strategies? Customer satisfaction contributes to renewal business as it's becoming more important than ever to give your customer the type of experience they want. Do your CSM's have the right sales skills to help your organization be successful in driving expansion and renewals?



Expand your kick-off meeting and utilize that time to get your team more prepared for the new buying experience.  Click here to learn more or start planning your next kick-off!

*CEB Forrester Research http://www.executiveboard.com/exbd/sales-service/challenger/new-decision-timeline/index.page



Jessica Montville

Written by Jessica Montville  |  

Sharp, passionate and energetic, Jessica lives and breathes Digital Marketing. An out of the box thinker, she’s a healthy balance of a creative mind, and a mad data scientist. As a self proclaimed life long learner and a firm believer of education, she obtained her Bachelors degree from the University of Central Florida, and a Masters Degree in Communication and Leadership from Gonzaga University.