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The Disturbing B2B Truth and Why You Should Care [VIDEO]

by Ron Kendig   |   Posted: 03/09/2018 2:24 PM   |   Topics:

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The fight to deliver the best buying experience is the new battlefront in B2B sales and client success. Rule of 24 is about meeting the new reality of client expectations.

What's disturbing is that your customers are tired of how organizations sell to them, they want a different buyer experience. Dan and Bob will address this and other major shifts that companies need to make to adapt to today's client expectations.

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Ron Kendig

Written by Ron Kendig  |  

Ron is a thoughtful, high energy and enthusiastic executive. Ron manages the 2Win Consulting Group and partnerships. Ron’s team of Engagement Advisors address today’s changing market by helping companies meet their buyers where they are and become “Work 2.0 Ready”.