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The #1 Most Important Foundational Demo Technique on the Planet: Tell-Show-Tell

Posted by Robert (Bob) Riefstahl and Larson Stair on 06/03/2020 12:10 PM

[Bob] It happens all the time. We show a group of stakeholders how easy and helpful our software can be, but their feedback is “it seems too complicated.” How can that be? Certainly, the selection team doesn’t want us to take away any of that great functionality?

Modern, comprehensive applications may seem simple to us but easily appear too complicated in the eyes of a stakeholder. In all fairness, many prospective clients are simply trying to judge the ability of their people to learn and operate your applications efficiently. They are trying to predict the impact that your solution will have on their operations, and they are using your product demonstration to help them make that prediction.

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3 Software Demonstration Tips

Posted by Bob Riefstahl on 12/07/2016 5:12 AM

Ah, the good old days. Software was limited in what it could do, user interfaces were simple and single-purpose, and users did not ask for unlimited flexibility. How easy it was then to design, engineer, and demonstrate software.

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Why Shorter is Better in a Presentation or Demo

Posted by Ross Jacobson on 11/30/2015 11:48 AM


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Top 11 Ways To Dominate Your Software Demo

Posted by Bob Riefstahl on 09/07/2015 11:10 AM
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Demo Skills Series – Presenting to Senior Executive

Posted by Bob Riefstahl on 07/20/2015 3:15 PM
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