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Free Webinar: Close Deals Faster

by 2Win!   |   Posted: 05/03/2016 1:17 PM   |   Topics:

webinar.pngWe are excited (or 'chuffed' if you are one of our UK friends) to announce the launch of 2Win! Bridge! A new innovative video platform and production services offering that helps businesses of all types and skill levels easily create, manage, distribute, measure and engage with customers using on-demand video.

2Win! Bridge is a unique online portal that empowers sales professionals with a simple way to deliver a “playlist” of solutions that are video based, easy to navigate, and customized to the recipient. Once received, the buyer can customize the playlist and share with other stakeholders in the organization.  Now potential customers can get their colleagues what they need to make a decision, the way they want to see it, when they want to see it.

The key to agility in this new market is depth of content (breathe, don't worry, we have you covered). The 2Win! team has cracked the code to agile development of meaningful and authentic video content. We have adapted our proven demonstration methodology for the video world. Now our clients are creating video content that used to take days or weeks in a matter of hours!

To celebrate we are kicking off with a free webinar that will show you how to use video to CLOSE more deals FASTER.

The goods you will get:

  • How video is changing the landscape of the B2B buying world and how you can use this shift to your advantage
  • Specific step-by-step ways you can use video now to increase your win rates when prospecting (even if you know little to nothing about video production)
  • Your own downloadable PDF swipe file of the specific gear you can get to make great looking videos that will impress you, your boss, and your customersNew Call-to-action

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